1. My child is a beginner, does Gold Country Community Tennis have any groups for this level?

YES! We absolutely have something for everyone from age 5-18. We are proud that we are able to service a wide range of ages and ability levels in our programs. 

2. How often should my junior practice?

The amount of time one should practice depends on age, skill, and individual goals. Keeping in mind that you cannot replace the benefit of time spent practicing just like any other activity.

3. Do you Pro-rate classes?

Yes, for any class that is not sold out, and a new student would not interrupt the development of the group, we would prorate the fee for the new participant based on how many weeks have been missed. However, we will not prorate for time missed during the term.

4. Are there make up days for rain/weather days?

No, we build 2 missed day per session into the price of the clinics. If we don’t miss any ‘bad weather days’ participants get two free day of clinic!

5. What is your policy for sick days, doctor’s visits or any day missed?

We do not offer credits or refunds for these days. Please try and schedule doctor’s visits around classes. Please speak with our Program Director for any special cases.

6. Do you take holidays off?

We schedule each session of the program based on the ACUSD for major holidays such as Thanksgiving. Smaller one day holidays we will still be holding class.  

7. What should my junior wear to tennis?

Comfortable clothes including shorts/skirts, tennis warm-ups, T-shirt/sweatshirt and non-marking tennis shoes. Please no jeans. We also recommend juniors wear hats and sunscreen.

8. When should I purchase a new racquet?

Racquets are a key ingredient to tennis. There are 5 lengths of racquets that are key to your junior’s progress: 21, 23, 25, 26 and 27 inches. Check with one of our pros to get advice for your junior as each length pertains to a different level and age of a player. We will provide a loaner racquet for a junior’s first few classes until they are comfortable buying one of their own.

9. Do you offer private lessons for my junior to get individual coaching?

All our full-time tennis professionals offer private lessons including education on all biomechanics of each shot and strategy. Look for a teaching pro that your junior bonds with in the programs. One can then discuss times, days and price of lessons with them.

10. How can private lessons benefit my junior?

Juniors will always progress more with individual attention. You can elect to take individual or semi-private lessons.

11. Is there general access to the Argonaut or Amador courts for the community so that I can come out and practice with my child?

Yes, Argonaut and Amador High  are public tennis facilities.

12. If I have questions regarding programs who should I contact?

Contact Program Director, Christian DuCray 209-304-2816 or email him at Coach.Ducray@gmail.com

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